Summer in Sorrento

Sorrento has an edge, even with regards to the summer. Here you can have fun among the blue sea that bathes the coast, organized bathing establishments and trendy clubs that liven up the local nightlife, spending the summer in Sorrento means never getting bored!

Sorrento town is built on cliffs over looking the Mediterranean Sea. The most spectacular views can be seen from every where you drive or walk. Cars can pull off to the sides of streets so people can take the pictures of their dreams.

Summer begins in June with pleasantly mild daily temperatures.

Sorrento has many buildings where you can relax such as shops, cafes, ice cream parlors and restaurants. You may sit inside the air conditioning or outside on the terraces. The nights are comfortable after sun set. The sea views both during the day and when watching the sunset are breathtaking.

The beaches are small and get crowed during summer, however, the sea is calm and wonderful for swimming.

The gardens are filled with lush flowers and plants. The historic center is very characteristic with narrow streets built by the Romans and reachable only on foot.

The Correale Museum was built by two brothers that came from one of the first families of Sorrento and it has an assortment of great Neapolitan exhibits.

While visiting Sorrento you will have the opportunity to visit the nearby paradise: the Amalfi Coast. The town of Positano and Amalfi are also built over cliffs and are far to beautiful to even describe. The buildings are colourful, the shops are quaint and the fresh ice cream and coffee smells will keep you energized. Sorrento is also close to Pompei, where you can visit the ruins.

Sorrento is also a one hour train ride to the beautiful city of Naples. The history that lays behind these towns are so presently seen through the building and streets of bricks. The narrow roads where only horses were able to pass are still well kept and standing strong with stone walls and streets.

Small cars can sometimes drive through these streets by tucking-in their side mirrors. This is why scooters are countless. They can surpass traffic and drive through any small alley or street. It has become the most practical and easiest way to arrive at a destination.

Off the coast of Sorrento there are two beautiful prestigious islands to visit: Capri is a 30 minute hydrofoil or ferry ride over. The departures leave from the Sorrrento Marina Piccola. You may simply take the trip over or buy an all exclusive package that will give you an organized tour of the Island. The other Island is Ischia, which is a 50 minute ride over. This Island is like a little town built on a larger rock sitting in the middle of the crystal clear Mediterranean sea. Both these Islands are well worth to see.

To find the right value for money, you have to choose well, luckily you’ve come to the right place: explore our accommodation and find the most suitable for you to enjoy the summers of Sorrento!

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