Marina Grande in Sorrento

Sorrento, with its medieval beauty intertwined with nature, the famous lemon trees, the surrounding hills and the beautiful beaches, is a timeless destination.

During your vacation in Sorrento, keep in mind all of these elements and make sure not to miss any of them because it is the union of all of these that makes it a magical place. From Marina Grande to the top of the hill, the entire territory offers glances and corners that give you in each moment an emotional experience. Discovering Sorrento will never bore you. We suggest you to get started precisely at Marina Grande.

The charming of Marina Grande

Marina Grande was a fishermen’s town. Once it became part of Sorrento, it always highlighted this ancient spirit of it, as it never lost this hardworking imprint.

Fishermen still live here, working and preserving the high quality of local fish products and their reputation, but their children are already adapting the neighbourhood to the tourism.

Near the small humble houses of the fishermen, are evermore present residential villas, B&Bs and hotels.

The evolution, however, has not disturbed the harmony of the place, on the contrary. A touristic apartment carved from an old fishermen house captivates foreigners is highly requests. It’s in Marina Grande that you will find our apartments Coltur Suites.

Aside from its architecture, Marina Grande offers breathtaking landscapes: the Gulf of Naples, with the Vesuvius on one side and the Sorrento Peninsula up to the Regina Giovanna on the other.

If you get the chance to stroll around Marina Grande you will be able to see the small touristic port, the old bathing establishments, the ancient Roman gate, the places where the most beautiful scenes of the movie “Scandal in Sorrento” were filmed, with Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica.

From Marina Grande to the city center

If you want to test your senses with the best of Sorrento, gift yourself with a stroll of 11 to 13 minutes from Marina Grande to the st. Philip and st. Jack Cathedral. Along the road you will smell the lemons’ perfume, the orange flowers, the restaurants offering great fish specialities, filling your heart with ancient Sorrento.

Once you leave Marina Grande behind you, you will find one of the most important churches in the city, dated back to the eleventh century even if it’s built on a pre-existing temple, from the tenth century. Not far from it you will find the baroque magnificence of the Carmine’s Sanctuary, or the delicate beauty of the st. Anthony basilicate.

At this point you will be in the middle of the shopping area and, in between monuments, you will be able to buy beautiful souvenirs.

In the evening by the Marina Grande seaside, there’s a poem of lights, smells, music and tastes. A seaside dinner and the one last stroll, perhaps right on the beach in front of the restaurant, or maybe on one of the many docks or on the small road that rises, in a zig zag, from Porta Marina to the city center.