Hotel with swimming pool in Sorrento

What is the peculiarity of Sorrento and its peninsula? They are both beautiful! And very loved tourist places by the people from all over the world.

The season starts in March already and, recently, tourists also come in winter thanks to the many Christmas events. It is hard, so, to find a room in one of Sorrento’s hotels. If you do, you are very lucky and if your hotel has a pool too, then it will be the perfect vacation!

Sorrento is a town famous for the beauty of its sea, as well as for the architectures and the structure of its historic centre. Tourists come here not only to walk romantically but also and above all to relax in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Wonderful idea, of course, but not accessible to everyone.

Sorrento beaches are very beautiful but are also limited to a few people. Not for snobbery but because of the little space that remains between the cliff and the sea. Locations like Marina Piccola or Marina Grande, Capo di Sorrento and Bagni Regina Giovanna, are delicious but can not contain a crowd. Furthermore, the pebble beach is not appreciated by everyone.

It would be a shame if you were in Sorrento but, for one reason or another, you could not enjoy a nice swim and a sun bed.

Hotel with a swimming pool in Sorrento: this is the solution

The solution to your problem is a hotel with a swimming pool. Hotel Central and Hotel Cristina offer wonderful swimming pool.

Get a room in a hotel with a swimming pool in Sorrento means having several advantages: a considerable daily saving for the entrances to the beaches, the certainty of having your swim and your tan guaranteed a few steps from your accommodation and the privilege (At Hotel Cristina) to swim in the pool with a breathtaking view at your feet!

Another notable advantage of the hotel with a swimming pool is the certainty of being able to do your daily swim at any time, when you want, and without having too much crowd around.

The time earned this way, can thus be spent pleasantly going to the discovery of the town, its monuments or the surroundings, the villages of Meta, Massa Lubrense, Nerano, Vico Equense.

True relaxation begins with your personal freedom, and only a hotel with a swimming pool can guarantee you these moments of total peace, with your times, in the place you prefer and with the pleasure of a dreamlike landscape that is there just for you.