Hotel with restaurant in Sorrento

If you’re looking for a nice room for you holidays in Sorrento, you surely are looking also at the different amenities offered by the hotels you would like to book. Just like the Wi-Fi access, a gym, a wellness center, a particular view and (last but not least) an hotel with a restaurant on-site.

Well, there are many reasons to stay at a hotel that includes a restaurant, such as to take the leftovers with you in your room if you can’t finish your meal or safely get back to your room if you choose to have a few drinks with your meal while you’re eating at the restaurant.

To have good taste in Sorrento means to select a good restaurant.

Both the Hotel Central and the Hotel Cristina offer exquisite typical local cuisine with a convenient location and an enchanting panoramic terrace.

Ago Restaurant at Hotel Central

Restaurant Hotel Central Sorrento

Hotel Cristina restaurant and lounge bar

Restaurant Hotel Cristina Sorrento

A restaurant for all

The professionalism of our restaurants’ chefs naturally enables them to accommodate all guests, even those who by choice or necessity follow special diets such as vegetarian or gluten-free.