Hotel with gym in Sorrento

Holidays are that time of the year in which people relax more and enjoy the pleasures of good food and total leisure. After a year of sacrifices at the gym and healthy diets, in a couple of weeks you end up losing all your achievements.

But what if we change this script and try to stay fit even on vacation? It’s not that difficult if you follow our tips to stay fit on vacation.

Choose a hotel that has a gym and stay fit on holiday!

If there’s a gym in the place you’re staying, you will probably feel encouraged to use it. So choose an hotel with a gym in Sorrento. Today, many structures have also small gyms.

The Hotel Central differs from other hotels because it boasts the presence of a real gym with latest generation tools and machines, instructors ready to follow and guide you and group activities (aerobics, stretching, step, spinning, free body, pilates, pump, step, salsa, tango, belly dance, spinning, tai chi).

All of this is available for the guests of all the structures of the Colonna Hotels group during their stay.

Train in the morning on an empty stomach

To stay fit on vacation, it’s important to train in the morning for about 30 minutes. Practicing physical activities after night fasting is the most effective way to start your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

So you can go running on the beach, ride a bicycle, or do a brief session in the hotel gym.

Have a rich and healthy breakfast

After some training, it’s time to eat. In our hotels, breakfast is served at the buffet, you’ll have a wide choice of healthy options to choose from: fruits, fruit juices, yogurt, cereals, etc. Eat a bit of everything in rich portions. This is the most important meal of the day!

Focus on fruits and salads for lunch.

You will probably want to go hiking or stay all day at the beach, so for lunch you will definitely need something fast to prepare and eat. In these cases, the classic solution is a sandwich.

But to stay fit on vacation, why don’t you start focusing on fruit and salads? Eating light meals during the day, under the sun and summer heat, has many benefits.

In addition to preserve your shape, this kind of meal also provides the necessary vitamins and mineral salts for your skin, preparing it to stay under the sun. And with a light meal you don’t have to wait three hours before bathing.

Try new sports or go swimming

Who said that you have to be lazy on vacation?

Trying new activities can be exciting and make your vacation unique.

Swimming, underwater excursions are activities that may be interesting to try.

Or what about a fun beach volleyball match?

You can also take part in excursions, mountain walks, explorations of the location where you’re staying or nearby locations.

And last but not least, enjoy swimming on the Swimming Pool of the Hotel Central and Cristina!

Go for a walk in the afternoon or evening

On holiday you probably won’t have a car so you can only count on your legs.

What better occasion to walk, while exploring Sorrento and the surrounding area?

Eat what you prefer at dinner, but don’t exaggerate with quantity

You’re on vacation and you don’t need to follow a strict diet. Our restaurants specialize in fish dishes and local specialties.

Feel free to eat what you want, but to stay fit on vacation, don’t exaggerate with the quantities.

Give yourself some whim

You’re on vacation and you can’t give up everything.

Do you want to eat an ice cream? Just do it.

Do you want to eat pizza? Just do it!

The important thing is to compensate with the other meals, which will have to be lighter