A trip from Sorrento to Caserta Royal Palace

Sorrento, a small world at the centre of… everything! If you have chosen this town as a base for your vacations you will not only have the satisfaction of the best relaxation, the most beautiful sea and the best food of Campania region, but also the opportunity to explore various interesting destinations all around.

The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of them. You can choose to take the trip in a single solution or with some stops along the way. In both cases, it will be an exciting experience.

From Sorrento to the Royal Palace of Caserta

If you are planning to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta and you are staying in Sorrento, no problem: just learn about which way to take and how much time you need, depending on your needs.

You can go to Naples with the Circumvesuviana trains leaving every 20 minutes, then from Garibaldi station take the EAV train or the bus of the same lines.

Both means shall take you to Caserta train station, a few steps away from the Royal Palace.

Buy your train tickets to Caserta on the Trenitalia web site or at the station of Naples.

How to get to Caserta in more steps

Going from Sorrento to Caserta in several steps is possible, if you have your own car and time to do it, but not advisable. A visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta takes a few hours and therefore it would be ideal to dedicate to this monument enough time.

In any case, along the way you will meet many places where it would be nice to stop for a while. Pompeii, with its excavations that have brought to light the ancient city destroyed by Vesuvius. Herculaneum, with the other excavations and the views of the volcano.

Needless to say that you will pass through Naples, that has a lot to offer so, if you can, go to admire at least Piazza Plebiscito or Castel dell’Ovo. Finally Caserta, with its palace and gardens that certainly require your attention and three or four hours of guided tour.

You can ask to our reception for a private transfer or for a full day private car excursion.

The Royal Palace of Caserta

A building of remarkable beauty, wanted by King Charles of Bourbon, the Reggia (the Royal Palace) is presented as a small copy of Versailles in Paris!

Built over a period of thirty years (1741-1773), it is surrounded by a marvelous park spread over 3 km long and 120 hectares of surface on which there are seven monumental fountains and at least two types of gardens (Italian and English style).

Among the 1200 rooms of the interior, are worth visiting the rooms with collections of ancient art, in particular Sala del Trono with stuccos and frescoes of rare beauty and Sala Ellittica which houses a grandiose example of Neapolitan baroque crib. 40 square meters of structure with over a thousand small statues.

Today the Palace also hosts refined contemporary art, starting with the best artists in the world (Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Joseph Beuys) up to the exhibitions of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Do not miss the visit to the Palatine Chapel, a splendid copy of that of Versailles that has incorporated, on the back, a small amphitheater called Teatro Reale.