Spring in Sorrento

One of the most beautiful times of the year to visit Sorrento is spring: without the mass of visitors that populate it in summer and without the scorching heat, spring in Sorrento is one of the most relaxing moments of the year. Yes, because the climate is pleasant, and you can appreciate all aspects of the city, from the sea, to food and wine, to walks, without getting tired and, indeed, enjoying the moment.

Spring is without doubt one of our most beautiful seasons of the year in Sorrento, with flowers blossoming, the weather warming up, and people’s moods ever so friendly, spring is also the perfect time to take a nice vacation. So why not come to a wonderful Mediterranean location, where this season in particular is truly felt.

Sorrento, a place where the true side of nature is expressed, is perfect for a quick Spring getaway. Come visit a splendid, typical southern Italian town with lush vegetation, scents of fresh citrus groves all over, beautiful beaches and most of all, great food. Spring is a great season to experience Sorrento.

Besides the great Easter festivities and activities held around town, such as typical processions, there is so much to do and see in this historical pearl of the Mediterranean. Usually during this time of year, there are much less tourists around leaving the Sorrento less crowded and giving you the opportunity to better enjoy and experience the area.

There’s absolutely no other way you’d want to spend spring break. Relax and unwind in what many consider Italy’s precious gem. This already blossomed flower in the heart of the Mediterranean, is waiting for you!

In this period of the year, among other things, the rates of the hotels are even lower. The accommodation proposed Colonna Hotels, therefore, are a really deal!

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