Sorrento public transport

Sorrento is the dream of a perfect holiday, we all know that!

What is better than a romantic village perched on a promontory, which descends gently to the sea and to sheltered gravel coves where you can immerse yourself in a blue-green water, as beautiful as a few in the world?

If you too can not resist this wonderful call, book your next vacation on the Sorrento Coast.

You will not regret because in addition to the beauty of the places you will meet the organizational efficiency of the municipality that always wants to offer the best to its tourists.

Visiting Sorrento and its surroundings is, in fact, easy, comfortable and even funny, if you know which public means of transport to rely on.

With the due exceptions, of course, because we do not always need means to move along the perimeter and the immediate vicinity of this unique town!

How to visit Sorrento

Sorrento has a very beautiful historical centre, concentrated and easy to visit.

You do not have to use your own vehicle to enjoy the artistic, historical and architectural beauties – as well as panoramas – of this town.

Just have a walk through the alleys, in the squares, stop for a few minutes in front of the lookouts to feel satisfied.

But Sorrento is not only the historical centre.

There are beaches at the foot of the promontory, there are places of scenic and historical interest not far away.

How to move, then, in these cases?

To have a first look around,  you could book the Sorrento Hop-on Hop-off tour that will take you on a rout around Sorrento.

Public transport in Sorrento and surroundings

The most used public transport to get around the outskirts of Sorrento is the bus.

The EAV bus lines are the most common and connect the centre with the surrounding beaches.

The same buses connect the centre of Sorrento with the other towns of the peninsula (Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello).

The EAV bus ticket is available at the Circumvesuviana train stations or at the tobacconists shops and in the cafes of the village.

Another transport line is the Coop Tasso, recognizable by the white color of its buses, with a blue drawn caravel.

If you want to go to Positano and Amalfi, SITA buses are the one (Blue buses, tickets available in cafes or at the information kiosks).

If you prefer to reach more distant places like Pompeii, or Naples itself, you could instead rely on the Circumvesuviana trains.

These trains make the service of an urban subway and prices vary depending on the distance.

Another means of transport used by tourists to come and go from Sorrento is the ferry or the hydrofoil.

The maritime transport lines that depart from Sorrento connect the town with Naples and the island of Capri, but some trips can also connect the Sorrento port with Ischia or Positano.

Certainly this choice will make it pleasant to move along the peninsula, thanks to the views that you will enjoy from the sea.

Tickets can also be bought online, from the comfort of your hotel, and depending on the season, we recommend that you book your seat on board, given the crowds of summer time or the Christmas period.

We will be glad to help you moving around while you stay at our hotel. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information at the reception desk!

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