Sorrento inlaid woodwork

Discover the handcrafted beauty of Sorrentine inlay woodwork

Sorrento inlay woodwork has ancient origins, dating back to the 16th century, and is closely linked to the city of Sorrento and its rich artistic heritage.

This handcrafted technique is based on the working of fine wood, such as walnut, olive and lemon, and is characterized by the interlocking of different woods to create wonderful patterns and designs. In the past, Sorrentine marquetry was used to create furniture, decorations and souvenirs, representing one of the distinctive marks of this region.

Techniques and craftsmanship

The making of Sorrento inlay requires extraordinary craftsmanship skills and great attention to detail.

Master inlayers use small chisels, fretwork and files to work the wood, creating geometric, floral and landscape patterns.

Different shades of wood are carefully selected to create contrasts and bring the designs to life.

The craftsmanship combines with the creativity of the inlayers, who are often inspired by Sorrento breathtaking landscapes and cultural traditions to create unique and fascinating pieces.

Sorrentine inlay at Colonna Hotels in Sorrento

Colonna family is known for its commitment to celebrating local culture and traditions.

In the various common areas and in some of the hotels rooms, it is possible to admire some of the furniture made with typical Sorrentine marquetry Guests will have the opportunity to appreciate the perfection of the handcrafted works, which tell the story and soul of Sorrento.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this artistic tradition during your stay in Sorrento and be inspired by the craftsmanship of local inlayers.

If you are interested in purchasing Sorrentine marquetry work during your stay in Sorrento, you have several options available to you. The city is famous for its stores and workshops specializing in marquetry, where you can find a wide selection of high-quality handcrafted products.

Remember to pay attention to the quality and authenticity of the works you purchase. Be sure to ask about the artisans and the origin of the wood used for the marquetry to ensure an authentic and valuable purchase. Purchasing a piece of Sorrento inlay will be a treasured memory of your trip to Sorrento and will allow you to take a unique piece of local craftsmanship with you.

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