Limoncello: Sorrento lemons liqueur

The Limoncello of Sorrento has a story that has roots far back in time.

When does this story begins with precision? Impossible to say really. Some say that in fact the Limoncello was known already in antiquity, who say that it was invented by the citizens of Amalfi during the late 1800s, other say that instead of the original recipe took off since the early 1900s , others finally assert that its origins are of Capri, others say Sorrento, others Amalfi, others from the fishermen whose sea was their home and certainly not the mainland. Myths, legends, stories are intertwined in the history of Limoncello of Sorrento, a story that is so steeped in mystery and that makes this product even more fascinating.

For sure it is a great success story, a Limoncello product that in fact until the first half of 1900 could only be discovered in the small shops in the area and of which today can be purchased anywhere.

Limoncello was made in homes, an exceptional liquor that noble families offered to all their guests, that Friars sipped, it is said, between a prayer and the other, that the fishermen were drinking at sea during the cold winter days.

The homemade limoncello was served in inns, restaurants, bars in the area, a local product which became part of the culture and as a digestive drink it soon became a real tradition.

And now, you can come to visit us to try this fantastic drink, absolute or in a refreshing drink!