Hotel for weddings in Sorrento

Torna a Surriento… and come back to get married! The city that, with its beautiful peninsula, offers hundreds of breathtaking glimpses and panoramas has always been lovers’ favourite place from all over the world.

Kissing under the Parsano door, in front of the Sorrento Cathedral, Naples bay or the Amalfi Coast on the other side of the Peninsula.

Hugging and exchanging promises of eternal love sitting in a small bay in front of the most beautiful sea in the wold… who wouldn’t want that? Sorrento is perfect for all this.

Getting married in Sorrento

Weddings, for Sorrento and its peninsula, it’s a full passion, just like tourism is. The two things are often connected as both Sorrento and the neighbouring towns of the peninsula favour those who choose to marry in that scenario.

In the span of a few kilometres you can easily choose locations of rare beauty, where you can also take pictures aside from getting married with little to no effort.

It’s enough top mention Amalfi, Positano, Vietri sul Mare, Ravello, Vico Equense aside from Sorrento to imagine the scene for a wonderful wedding.

And then special offers, full packages, choosing between ceremonies (civil or religious) booking with time churches or romantic monuments… often all of this is associated to a honeymoon in a local hotel.

A hotel for your wedding in Sorrento

If you plan on getting married in the city of Sorrento, and having a wonderful wedding, the best idea is to find a hotel that allows you to do everything: from the reception to the first night, along with hosting relatives from far away. Sometimes, why not, even a civil union!

Even better if this hotel has a nice view on the sea, a park, a pool and other incentives that make it perfect for the job. The Hotel Cristina is perfect for you.

Easy to reach, in the city center, with a private access that eliminates the stress from parking, it’s strengths are the full panorama, with balconies overlooking both the east and west side, granting breathtaking sunsets and romantic sunrises.

You will be able to organise your reception in the garden, on the balconies with panoramic pool or in one of its beautiful ballrooms. As if in a palace, you will walk next to your belve knowing that all the beauty around you, for a day… for this day, it’s yours.