Family Holidays in Sorrento

There they sat one day among orange tree groves, on the slope at whose foot is Sorrento; and the breeze stirred from the branches and leaves a music of sounds and fragrances; while below the green umbrellas laughed the gulf of Naples, and from the blue cycle shone Paradise.

(Augusto Conti)

Poets, writers and singers accompany you on this journey to Sorrento, one of the most fascinating seaside resorts on the Italian peninsula. The sea washing over the coast and its cliffs combined with the mountains that surround and protect it make Sorrento and its promontory a rich and unique area where there are so many things to admire, do and experience. Even for those who are planning a vacation with their families. After all, Sorrento is not only a romantic destination, nor is it only a young person’s destination for nightlife. Families also have the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience without having to settle and miss out on the beauty of this city.

So, let’s begin the imaginary itinerary

Beginning from the city center, Sorrento offers a myriad of possibilities: the beaches, outdoor playgrounds like Don Luigi Verde or the gardens of Villa Fiorentino (there is also an indoor park in case of rain, eloquently named Circolandia), not forgetting the boat tours along the Amalfi Coast and its surroundings – the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sea, the wind and a slightly different view than usual, not overlooking the sea but overlooking the land.

Our itinerary then moves from the sea to the mountains, the promontory that rises behind the Sorrentine Peninsula. This can be reached either by hiking for the more physically fit or those who want to enjoy a bit of nature, or by taking the Monte Faito cable car, an original solution for enjoying a breathtaking view without getting tired. From the top, every point is panoramic and perfect for family photos, a beautiful memory to take home at the end of the vacation. On the other hand, an alternative to the views of Monte Faito can be a hike to the Valle delle Ferriere: there you can surround yourself with trees, rivers, lakes and, why not, take a swim under the beautiful waterfalls that the place offers.

After you and your family have enjoyed some nature and adventure, on the way back to the city center, a worthwhile activity to do, original and sustainable at the same time, is definitely to visit one of the farms in the area. You can then stop and have a nice snack to the sound of lemons and limoncello (such as at the Azienda Agricola I giardini di Cataldo) or taste the many local products, genuine and sourced at zero kilometers (such as at the Azienda Agricola La Sorgente where you can taste different varieties of fresh fish).

Eaten works up quite an appetite, so after a nice snack, once you get down to the city, it’s time to find a nice place to eat. Our itinerary takes you to the center of Sorrento, which offers numerous places and restaurants where you can taste its delicacies: among them, of course, you cannot miss the famous gnocchi alla Sorrentina. Other tasty dishes to try are squid alla Sorrentina, Provolone del Monaco cheese, the many lemon delights, and all the desserts such as sfogliatelle and babas typical of the place. These and many other traditional dishes are offered by our restaurants at Hotel Central and Hotel Cristina.

With a full belly and not yet ready for sleep, you and your family can enjoy an evening stroll along the coast, perhaps accompanied by a delicious gelato and background music and, of course, the sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs. If, on the other hand, you are in the mood for a little adrenaline, the Sorrento Bowling alley is a great location for a good family challenge.

At this point, all you need to do is find a place to sleep: don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

Colonna Hotels group accommodations are an excellent choice, with great value for money and many family-friendly amenities: the group has, in addition to two four-star hotels (Hotel Central and Hotel Cristina), a number of apartments and the Coltur Suites, ideal for family stays, which are located within walking distance of the center of Sorrento. Colonna Hotels, a three-generation family-run group, also offers a variety of services: in addition to accommodations, you’ll find two restaurants, a gym, a spa, and a travel agency always on hand.

Explore our accommodations and find the most suitable ones for you and your family to enjoy your vacation in Sorrento with peace of mind!

Our imaginary itinerary does not end here

Now that you and your family have rested, had breakfast, are in your hotel or in one of the nice cafes downtown, there is one more stop on our tour. You have already had numerous experiences to stick on your future scrapbook.

Now all you have to do is broaden your horizons a bit: one of Sorrento’s special features, and one that makes it unique for this reason like few others, is its being the central hub of so many other wonderful destinations, which are also absolutely must-see and must-visit.

These include the two towns of Amalfi and Positano, built under the steep cliffs of the south coast, if you fancy continuing your family vacation immersed in the sea and beaches. In contrast, with the sea on all sides, there are the islands near Sorrento such as Capri, Ischia and Procida, reachable in no more than an hour by hydrofoil.

A short distance from Sorrento, changing style and even era, you can take a nice excursion to the ruins of Pompeii and immerse yourself in an atmosphere rich in history and culture. Finally, Naples always remains a must-see stop, a city that is unique in our peninsula and worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Contact us now, we are at your complete disposal for reservations, information and any other request you may have.

As you can see, Sorrento is not only about youth, nightlife, clubs and music. On the contrary, there are far too many opportunities to enjoy together with your family. You’ll just have to come back and enjoy some more of this breathtaking city.