Your wedding hotel in Sorrento

Torna a Surriento … come back to get married! The city that, with its beautiful peninsula, offers hundreds of breathtaking glimpses and panoramas has always been lovers’ favorite place from all over the world.

Kissing under the Parsano door, in front of the Sorrento Cathedral, Naples bay or the Amalfi Coast on the other side of the Peninsula.

Hugging and exchanging promises of eternal love sitting in a small bay in front of the most beautiful sea in the wold… who wouldn’t want that?

Sorrento is perfect for all this.

Getting married in Sorrento

Weddings, for Sorrento and its peninsula, it’s a full industry just like tourism is. The two things are often connectes as both Sorrento and the neighbouring towns of the peninsula favor those who choose to marry in that scenario.

In the span of a few kilometers you can easily choose locations of rare beauty, where you can also take pictures aside from getting married with little to no effort.

It’s enough top mention Amalfi, Positano, Vietri sul Mare, Ravello, Vico Equense aside from Sorrento to imagine the scene for a wonderful wedding.

And then special offers, full packages, choosing between ceremonies – civil or religious – booking with time churches or romantic monuments… often all of this is associated to a honeymoon in a local hotel.

A hotel for your wedding in Sorrento

If you plan on getting married in the city of Sorrento, and having a wonderful wedding, the best idea i sto find a hotel that allows you to do everything: from the reception to the first night, along with hosting relatives from far away.

Sometimes, why not, even a civil union!

Even better if this hotel has a nice view on the sea, a park, a pool and other incentives that make it perfect for the job.

The Hotel Cristina is perfect for you.

Easy to reach, in the city center, with a private access that eliminates the stress from parking, it’s strengths are the full panorama, with balconies overlooking both the east and west side, granting breathtaking sunsets and romantic sunrises.

You will be able to organise your reception in the garden, on the balconies with panoramic pool or in one of its beautiful ballrooms.

As if in a palace, you will walk next to your belve knowing that all the beauty around you, for a day… for this day, it’s yours.

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A hotel with wellness center in Sorrento

What’s better than a vacation in Sorrento? Tens of songs and verses have imaged this peninsula in southern Italy as a paradise, many films showed it to the world as a place of wonder.

And now you will have the chance to fully live and enjoy this place, to relax among all this beauty. You couldn’t ask for more.

Yet “more” exists. Imagine your vacation in Sorrento as a hotel stay with included wellness center.

Beauty and relax

You are in Sorrento and you find yourself surrounded by the sea, lemon trees, coves VIP beaches but also beautiful monuments – medieval and baroque churches, romantic alleys, ancient patios.

Nourishment both for the eyes and mind, that in this magical world, it forgets all negative thoughts and feelings.

It also restores the body, that finds energy swimming, biking, bike riding and discovering ancient excavation sites and neighbouring towns.

But Sorrento is also a highly touristic city and it’s not easy to find a corner all for yourself.

To have relax and beauty you sometimes may have to elbow your way among crowds of visitors, that are always here, even in winter.

So, where can you find some private relaxing time for your loved ones and yourself?

Just like a SPA

The ideal solution is precisely to have a hotel with wellness center included.

As said, this is the “most” you can ask from your heavenly vacation in Sorrento.

When you can’t find the relax you were looking for outside, your hotel will grant you massages, saunas, relaxing baths, spa treatments and much more to give you unforgettable experiences.

A hotel like the Sorrento Central, for example.

Reviews claim that what sets off this hotel compared to other, aside from the “generous” breakfast, it’s the service efficiency provided, the wellness center above all.

Among the benefits you can enjoy at Central: holistic massages and body solarium, manicure and pedicure, tanning treatment.

Seeing Sorrento and its beauties is a privilege, bathing in its crystal clear waters enjoying wonderful beaches is a unique emotion, but doing all this with the certainty that no matter what, your hotel grants you a complete beauty treatment to make your stay even more unforgettable, it’s an occasion impossible to give up.

Marina Grande in Sorrento

Sorrento is the tourism capitol by definition in Campania.

Its medieval beauty intertwined with nature – the famous lemon trees, the surrounding hills, the beautiful beaches – makes it a timeless destination. Your vacation in Sorrento must keep in mind all of these elements and make sure not to miss any of them. Because it is the union of all of these that makes it a magical place.

From Marina Grande to Gradoni at the top of the hill, they move down again towards the Costa Alta village, the entire city territory offers glances and corners that give you in each moment an emotional experience. Discovering Sorrento will never bore you.

We suggest you to get started precisely at Marina Grande.

The charm of Marina Grande

Marina Grande was born as a fishermen’s town. Once it became part of Sorrento, it always highlighted this ancient spirit of it, as it never lost this hardworking imprint.

Fishermen still live here, working and preserving the high quality of local fish products and their reputation, but their children are already adapting the neighborhood to the inevitable tourism.

Near the small humble houses of the fishermen, are evermore present residential villas, B&Bs and hotels.

The evolution, however, has not disturbed the harmony of the place, on the contrary.

A touristic apartment carved from an old fishermen house captivates foreigners is highly requests.

It’s in Marina Grande that you will find our apartments Coltur Suites.

Aside from its architecture, Marina Grande offers breathtaking landscapes: the Golfo di Napoli, with the Vesuvio on one side and the Penisola Sorrentina up to the Bagni Regina Giovanna on the other.

If you get the chance to stroll around Marina Grande you will be able to see the small tourists’ port, the old bathing establishments, the ancient Porta Romana excavation, the places where the most beautiful scenes of the movie “Scandal in Sorrento” were filmed, with Sophia Loren and Vittorio De Sica.

From Marina Grande to the city center

If you want to test your senses with the best of Sorrento, gift yourself with a stroll of 11 to 13 minutes from Marina Grande to the st. Philip and st. Jack Cathedral. Along the road you will smell the lemons’ perfume, the orange flowers, the restaurants offering great fish specilaties, filling your heart with ancient Sorrento.

Once you leave Marina Grande behind you, you will find one of the most important churches in the city, dated back to the eleventh century even if it’s built on a pre-existing temple, from the tenth century. Not far from it you will find the baroque magnificence of the Carmine’s Sanctuary, or the delicate beauty of the st. Anthony basilicate.

At this point you will be in the middle of the shopping area and, in between monuments, you will be able to buy beautiful souvenirs before going back down to the sea.

In the evening by the Marina Grande seaside, there’s a poem of lights, smells, music and tastes. A seaside dinner and the one last stroll, perhaps right on the beach in front of the restaurant, or maybe on one of the many docks or on the small road that rises, in a zig zag, from Porta Marina to the city center.

The Sorrento Tarantella

People come to Sorrento for holidays, but not just that.

The most important town of the beautiful peninsula with the same name represents the beginning of a journey that includes art, history, sea, sunlight, but also tastings, traditions, habits, customs and music.

Sorrento, and the whole territory of its hinterland, is part of the great Neapolitan culture but it also knows how to stand out in some characteristics that make it special.

For example, it has kept nearly intact many customs that come from a very distant past.

The tarantella is one of them.

To an untrained eye it may seem like any other southern tarantella, but il the dance done here in Sorrento preserves ancient secrets that have been lost in the rest of the region.

If you want to get to know it, and perhaps even give it a try, you must come to Sorrento.

History of the Tarantella

The Tarantella, the typical wild dance from southern Italy, comes from a common denominator from Puglia in the 17th century.

However, this dance has much deeper roots, perhaps a mixture of Greek dances with oriental rhythms.

It would be wrong to assume that the tarantella is the same everywhere, in the South.

With time, with the change of habits and above all while spreading in the various territories, the tarantella has diversified.

It seems normal, then, that the tarantella from Puglia is different from then one coming from Sicily, from Calabria and from Naples.

But there are differences even within the same cultural territory.

As it is, precisely, in Campania. The so called Neapolitan Tarantella is a dance highly based on drums, on rhythm. It’s meant to be a dance for two, not a group dance like in other regions.

The Neapolitan Tarantella has five different sub genres on its own, that separate over the territory.

What about Sorrento?

Why is the Sorrento Tarantella special

In Sorrento, the tarantella arrived a bit later compared to the rest of the region.

We are already in full 18th century when the dance became popular in the area.

Here it took more story-telling characteristics.

The Sorrento tarantella is a love story.

Each choreography describes the steps of courting.

Even the rhythm is different, as it gets interrupted in its traditional tempo mid-dance.

The dancers aren’t limited to dancing, instead, they also participate to the orchestra and choir, helping the musicians with hand-played instruments while dancing.

During a Sorrento tarantella performance, the dancers can – one at a time – even change costumes.

Then there’s the particular detail of the Scarrafone.

This is a dancer chosen among the others tasked with engaging the audience.

He can kneel in front of a lady and invite her to dance, he can challenge a man pretending to slap him, bringing the show among the
people and viceversa.

The modern tarantella, in Sorrento, is based on the teachings from master Tonino Ambrosino, who has been organising performances and creating choreographies for over 40 years for the folk bands of the peninsula.

Today, the tarantella is the core of local tourism together with other local beauties and in that aspect, it is evolving in the stories and in the ways they are being told and shown to the audience.

You can assist to a Sorrento Musical show at Teatro Armida. Dancers, singers and musicians all together will be performing the famous old songs from the Neapolitan tradition.

A trip from Sorrento to Caserta Royal Palace

Sorrento, a small world at the centre of … everything!

If you have chosen this town as a base for your vacations you will not only have the satisfaction of the best relaxation, the most beautiful sea and the best food of Campania, but also the opportunity to explore various interesting destinations all around.

The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of them.

You can choose to take the trip in a single solution or with some stops along the way.

In both cases, it will be an exciting experience.

From Sorrento to the Royal Palace of Caserta

If you are planning to visit the Royal Palace of Caserta and you are staying in Sorrento, no problem: just learn about which means to use and how much time you need, depending on your decision.

The best idea is to go to Naples with the Circumvesuviana trains leaving every 20 minutes, then from Garibaldi station take the EAV train or the bus of the same lines.

Both means shall take you to Caserta’s station, a few steps away from the Royal Palace.

Buy your train tickets to Caserta on the Trenitalia web site or at the station of Naples.

How to get to Caserta in more steps

Going from Sorrento to Caserta in several steps is possible, if you have your own car and time to do it, but not advisable.

To visit the Royal Palace of Caserta takes a few hours and therefore it would be ideal to dedicate to this monument enough time.

In any case, along the way you will meet many places where it would be nice to stop for a while.

Pompeii, with its excavations that have brought to light the ancient city destroyed by Vesuvius.

Herculaneum, with the other excavations and the views of the volcano.

Needless to say that you will pass from Naples, and that Naples has a lot to offer so, if you can, go to admire at least Piazza Plebiscito or Castel dell’Ovo.

Finally Caserta, with its palace and gardens that certainly require your attention and three or four hours of guided tour.

The Royal Palace of Caserta

A building of remarkable beauty, wanted by King Charles of Bourbon, the Reggia (the Royal Palace) is presented as a small copy of Versailles!

Built over a period of thirty years (1741-1773), it is surrounded by a marvelous park spread over 3 km long and 120 hectares of surface on which there are seven monumental fountains and at least two types of gardens (Italian and English style).

Among the 1200 rooms of the interior, are worth visiting the rooms with collections of ancient art, in particular Sala del Trono with stuccos and frescoes of rare beauty and Sala Ellittica which houses a grandiose example of Neapolitan baroque crib.

40 square meters of structure with over a thousand small statues.

But today the Palace also hosts refined contemporary art, starting with the best artists in the world (Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Joseph Beuys) up to the exhibitions of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

Do not miss the visit to the Palatine Chapel, a splendid copy of that of Versailles that has incorporated, on the back, a small amphitheater called Teatro Reale.

Infos and tips

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Sorrento public transport

Sorrento is the dream of a perfect holiday, we all know that!

What is better than a romantic village perched on a promontory, which descends gently to the sea and to sheltered gravel coves where you can immerse yourself in a blue-green water, as beautiful as a few in the world?

If you too can not resist this wonderful call, book your next vacation on the Sorrento Coast.

You will not regret because in addition to the beauty of the places you will meet the organizational efficiency of the municipality that always wants to offer the best to its tourists.

Visiting Sorrento and its surroundings is, in fact, easy, comfortable and even funny, if you know which public means of transport to rely on.

With the due exceptions, of course, because we do not always need means to move along the perimeter and the immediate vicinity of this unique town!

How to visit Sorrento

Sorrento has a very beautiful historical centre, concentrated and easy to visit.

You do not have to use your own vehicle to enjoy the artistic, historical and architectural beauties – as well as panoramas – of this town.

Just have a walk through the alleys, in the squares, stop for a few minutes in front of the lookouts to feel satisfied.

But Sorrento is not only the historical centre.

There are beaches at the foot of the promontory, there are places of scenic and historical interest not far away.

How to move, then, in these cases?

To have a first look around,  you could book the Sorrento Hop-on Hop-off tour that will take you on a rout around Sorrento.

Public transport in Sorrento and surroundings

The most used public transport to get around the outskirts of Sorrento is the bus.

The EAV bus lines are the most common and connect the centre with the surrounding beaches.

The same buses connect the centre of Sorrento with the other towns of the peninsula (Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello).

The EAV bus ticket is available at the Circumvesuviana train stations or at the tobacconists shops and in the cafes of the village.

Another transport line is the Coop Tasso, recognizable by the white color of its buses, with a blue drawn caravel.

If you want to go to Positano and Amalfi, SITA buses are the one (Blue buses, tickets available in cafes or at the information kiosks).

If you prefer to reach more distant places like Pompeii, or Naples itself, you could instead rely on the Circumvesuviana trains.

These trains make the service of an urban subway and prices vary depending on the distance.

Another means of transport used by tourists to come and go from Sorrento is the ferry or the hydrofoil.

The maritime transport lines that depart from Sorrento connect the town with Naples and the island of Capri, but some trips can also connect the Sorrento port with Ischia or Positano.

Certainly this choice will make it pleasant to move along the peninsula, thanks to the views that you will enjoy from the sea.

Tickets can also be bought online, from the comfort of your hotel, and depending on the season, we recommend that you book your seat on board, given the crowds of summer time or the Christmas period.

We will be glad to help you moving around while you stay at our hotel. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information at the reception desk!

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Ride along the Amalfi Coast by scooter

You have decided to spend your dream vacation in Sorrento and you are right now in the beautiful town under the sun of the South and with a spectacular sea before your eyes.

But it is not enough for you. You want a special experience that remains unique in your memories.

You want the wind on your face and the thrill of the landscape that changes at every turn. The solution? Rent a scooterand go explore the whole Amalfi Coast by this means.

Why go by scooter

Why go by scooter and not by car? Or maybe by a nice powerful motorbike?

The scooter goes slower and, because of this is the best way to explore beautiful places like these.

It forces you to admire the landscape and invites you to stop often, so you can explore this enchantment of villages perched between cliffs and sea.

How not try it?

Discovering the Amalfi Coast: from Sorrento to Amalfi

Starting from your Sorrento hotel, head your moped towards Salerno.

Take the State Street 163 and immerse yourself in the magic of the Amalfi Coast!

First you will meet Positano where you will absolutely have to dedicate at least an hour to the Path of the Gods.

The name already says everything, because this scenic (pedestrian) path leaves you speechless.

In Positano, you will admire the Saracen Tower and the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption.

Another obligatory stop is Praiano.

The village is the real monument, with its alleys, squares, panoramic points overlooking the coast.

Continuing on the SS 163 you will meet Conca dei Marini, the town where the Neapolitan sfogliatella sweet was born and where you can still taste it, maybe while you are planning a walk to the village of Marina di Conca, or to the Emerald Cave.

Finally, you arrive in Amalfi, a crowded and beautiful town, where you will admire the cathedral of St.Andrea, with its charming Moorish style, the baroque convent of St.Antonio, the Cloister of Paradise inside the Diocesan Museum, the Tower of the Ziro where the Queen Giovanna La Pazza was imprisoned, the scenic paths of Valle dei Mulini or Valle delle Ferriere.

From Amalfi to Vietri

The Amalfi Coast can be seen all in one day.

Back on your scooter, go from Amalfi to the sister-towns of Maiori (the longest and most beautiful beach of the coast) and Minori, full of incredible World Heritage churches and archaeological excavations that have brought to light a splendid Roman Villa.

But before reaching them, make a detour and go up to Ravello: the village is full of beautiful religious and noble architecture, many churches and palaces can be admired here, but the real monument is the global view of the coast that can be enjoyed from up here.

As you descend towards Vietri, make a stop to visit the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast, Scala.

The centre of Vietri sul Mare already has a city-like appearance and is less romantic than the others, but offers many beauties – the church of St. Giovanni Battista, the Ceramics factory, the Torre di Marina di Vietri, the Dragonea tower, Madonna dell’Arco Street with the church of the same name – which can not go unnoticed, before returning back to Sorrento.

Hotel with swimming pool in Sorrento

What is the peculiarity of Sorrento and its peninsula?

They are both beautiful!

And very loved tourist places by the people from all over the world.

The season starts in March already and, recently, tourists also come in winter thanks to the many Christmas events.

It is hard, so, to find a room in one of Sorrento’s hotels.

If you do, you are very lucky and if your hotel has a pool too, then you are a privileged person!

Sorrento’s beaches

Sorrento is a town famous for the beauty of its sea, as well as for the architectures and the structure of its historic centre.

Tourists come here not only to walk romantically but also and above all to relax in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Wonderful idea, of course, but not accessible to everyone.

Sorrento’s beaches are very beautiful but are also limited to a few people.

Not for snobbery but because of the little space that remains between the cliff and the sea.

Locations like Marina Piccola or Marina Grande, Capo Sorrento, Bagni Regina Giovanna are delicious but can not contain a crowd.

Furthermore, the pebble beach is not appreciated by everyone.

It would be a shame if you were in Sorrento but, for one reason or another, you could not enjoy a nice swim and a sun bed.

Hotel with a swimming pool in Sorrento. This is the solution!

The solution to your problem is a hotel with a swimming pool.

Hotel Central and Hotel Cristina offer wonderful swimming pool.

Get a room in a hotel with a swimming pool, and this means having several advantages: a considerable daily saving for the entrances to the beaches; the certainty of having your swim and your tan guaranteed a few steps from your accommodation; the privilege (At Hotel Cristina) to swim in the pool with a breathtaking view at your feet!

Certainly those who go to the beach, with the village and its lookouts behind their shoulders, can not say the same.

Another notable advantage of the hotel with a swimming pool is the certainty of being able to do your daily swim at any time, when you want, and without having too much crowd around.

The time earned this way, can thus be spent pleasantly going to the discovery of the town, its monuments or the surroundings, the villages of
Meta, Massa Lubrense, Nerano, Vico Equense.

True relaxation begins with your personal freedom, and only a hotel with a swimming pool can guarantee you these moments of total peace,
with your times, in the place you prefer and with the pleasure of a dreamlike landscape that is there just for you.

Myths, mysteries, tales of Sorrento

If you are enjoying your vacation in Sorrento – sun, sea, views, historical beauties – you might like to know something else.

Some curiosity, some unusual tale you would not expert in such a beautiful place.

Though there are some, sleeping in the dark! It is the mysterious side of Sorrento, its old myths and its tales.

The Mermaids town

Sorrento was born from a legend and on old tales it feeds.

Let us not forget that we are in the land – Campania – which owes its roots to Aeneas and to the song of the ancient Greeks.

The myth that accompanies the birth of Sorrento is precisely linked to a song: the song of the Mermaids! According to the narration, it seems that when Ulysses tried to escape the Mermaids’ enchantment, sailing tied to the mast of his ship through the Strait of Messina, he ended the journey right at the foot of the Sorrento Peninsula where he erected a temple to Athena to thank her for the help.

The tale of pretty Sirentum

Another legend tells that two local farmers, unable to have children, vowed to the Temple of the Mermaids and after a few months the woman became pregnant.

A beautiful girl was born and she was called Sirentum.

She grew so elegant and wonderful as to make a prince fall in love with her.

During the Saracen invasion, however, the beautiful princess Sirentum was kidnapped by pirates who demanded a very high ransom.

The people, in order to get back the splendor of girl, donated every precious object to repay her freedom. Because this is Sorrento even today: it gives everything, and those who love Sorrento do not need anything else in life!

The tusk of the sea monster

In the church of St.Antonino, in Sorrento, a huge tusk looks like an elephant or a Mammoth one.

According to the local legend, however, this is what remains of the huge sea monster who was about to kill three children on the beach, when the patron Saint St. Antonino set the kids free and destroyed the monster.

The bell ringing from the bottom of the sea

Among the many miracles of St. Antonino in Sorrento there is also that of the bell.

During one of the sackings of Saracen pirates, a ship loaded with precious objects of Sorrento was about to take off.

But the power of the Saint made it very heavy and even throwing away half the goods the ship did not move.

Only when the pirates threw in the sea the bell of the church of the Saint, they managed to escape.

The Sorrentines, then, ran to retrieve all their treasures from the sea.

Only the bell was never found … but the people here swear to hear it ringing, from the bottom of the sea, every 14 February, feast of the local Saint!

Embroidery made of clouds

Embroidery is a typical Sorrentine craft art.

These works are so beautiful that they seem “made of clouds”.

And this is what the legend tells.

It seems that an old local embroiderer, tired after so much work, could not finish a work in time because she lacked the embroidery of a ribbon.

The poor woman prayed to the Child Jesus and he sent an angel to take the most beautiful cloud, shaped like a ribbon, and the next day it had become a refined embroidery which completed the lady’s work!

The Celebrations of St Antonino in Sorrento

If you have decided to book a holiday in Sorrento, and you do not know what period to choose, listen to our advice and choose… February!

Maybe it will seem a risky choice, since Sorrento is famous for the sun, the sea and the summer life, but seeing it in winter – with less crowd and all its beauty entirely at your disposal – is a unique experience.

In fact, in winter, in February, the feast of the patron saint St.Antonino takes place.

This feast, however, also has a second celebration date, in May.

So if you are looking for a warmer season you can decide to book in that month.

However, attending the celebrations of the saint is truly a privilege not to be missed.

About St.Antonino from Sorrento

Pay attention! Never confuse St. Antonino with St Anthony from Padua, nor with St. Anthony Abbot.

The patron saint of Sorrento was born here.

His name was Antonino Cacciottolo and he lived in the village of Campagna and in Sorrento, where he died on February 14th, 625.

This is the reason why, on St Valentine’s Day here in Sorrento they celebrate another saint, Antonino Cacciottolo.

He became a monk when he was very young and then became one of the men of the bishop of Castellammare di Stabia who sent him back to his hometown.

He became a hermit here, and then the abbot in the local Benedictine monastery.

It seems he did miracles long before he died!

Two celebrations of St.Antonino in Sorrento

His town reminds him with two celebrations, both very heartfelt.

The first takes place on February 14th (sometimes postponed to 15th) and after the ritual masses and the anointing of the devotees with the holy oil, the relics of the patron are taken out of the wall of the crypt in which they rest – incorporated into the structure of the Basilica itself – and placed inside a 16th century silver statue.

So they are carried in procession to the sea, following a precise route that changes during the other feast.

This second one takes place on the first Sunday of May and involves, in fact, the part of the town that had been excluded in winter.

Also in this case, the evocative procession reaches the sea from where the fireworks will be fired at the end of the day.

Interesting things to know about this celebration

Some curiosities that could make tourists like you happy: St. Antonino loved his hometown so much that he wanted to be buried in Sorrento, but also loved his hermitage, which was outside the walls.

So at the time of death, not knowing what to decide, he asked to be buried “neither inside nor outside the walls of Sorrento”.

That is why his body lies in a niche carved into the same wall of the ancient convent, today part of the Basilica church.

The saint is credited with an important miracle: he would have saved a child from the assault of a “sea monster”.

It is not known what kind of fish it was, actually.

The huge tusk hanging inside the Basilica, as evidence of divine intervention against “the monster”, is not matched with any aquatic animal known today even though many claim it is a “whale bone”.