Gay pride 2018 in Pompeii

Next edition of the Gay Pride in Campania will take place at Pompei on the 30th June 2018.

The decision was taken unanimously by the collectives, LGBT movements and associations of the region during the Campania Rainbow Coordination Assembly.

For months at the headquarters of the Arcigay, they have been developing the itinerary that will be followed by the procession in a city, which in itself is hosting every day thousands of pilgrims coming from every part of the world to visit the famous Marian shrine that exists there.

The last aspect has really aroused numerous criticisms and perplexities: some Catholic associations apart from expressing their dissent towards an event that will take place in a city impregnated by religious spirit, wonder how all that flow of people who will rush to participate at the event could be managed and contained.

As for the contestations, the purpose of the Gay Pride is precisely that of stirring up consciences and of focusing on issues such as the egalitarian marriage, the defense of the secularism of democratic institutions and the defense of the LGBT community instances after the law Cirinnà, hoping as always that this could become an opportunity for growth and confrontation in the territory on civil rights and citizenship of all men and women.

The term Gay Pride, refers to being proud of what one is, through a march that recalls the Stonewall’s revolts in 1969 when there were violent clashes between the police and homosexuals in New York following an incident occurred in the gay bar “Stonewall Inn”, where the transsexual Sylvia Rivera, became a symbol of the uprising as she threw a bottle against a policeman.

From there, this event was then extended to various parts of the world until it arrived in Italy where the LGBT communities of their respective cities and regions, want to emphasize the inequality in the legal treatment that all these people suffer.

Taking the field together with LGBT communities, means wanting to affirm all together that there is hope that things will improve and that the many struggles, pain and people who gave their lives will not be forgotten in order to affirm the right to love whoever they want.

Since Pompeii will see the influx of numerous participants in the Gay Pride 2018 many people, to avoid clogging the city, are choosing to stay in the nearby city of Sorrento.

Its position on a tufaceous terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples and its breathtaking landscapes make it the ideal destination for those who want to indulge in a bit of relaxation away from the stress of the city.

Sorrento is in fact a city rich on the historical, artistic but also the gastronomic point of view, offering a variety of services as well as being well connected to other cities such as Amalfi, Capri and Positano.

Here is where the Gay Pride can become an opportunity to enjoy a romantic weekend together, to discover the wonders that the Sorrento coast has to offer.

Be pride, be smart!

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Light on, waiting for Christmas 2017!

18th and 25th of November switching on the streets lights and the Christmas Tree!

Christmas is really close and sorrento is preparing to celebrate.

The 18th of November, all streets light will be switched on and on 25th of November will be the turn of the huge Christmas tree.

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Professional Cinema Days 2016

From November 28 to December 1, Sorrento will host the biggest event dedicated to Italian cinema.

Program of the Professional Cinema Days 2016

Monday 28 November

  • Piazza Tasso at 5pm Party: switching on the lights of the Tree PAW PATROL with the presence of characters costume films and the distribution of gadgets
  • Hilton Sorrento Palace – Sala Sirene 5:45 pm First trailer
  • 6 pm Convention 01 DISTRIBUTION / RAI Cinema
  • 7 pm Convention NOTORIOUS PICTURES
  • 7:45 pm Anteprima Notorious Pictures del film di animazione: PAW PATROL, regia di Jamie Whitney
  • Cinema Armida 9:30 pm Preview of the film: IL MAGO DI OZ in 3D di Victor Fleming

Tuesday 29 November

  • Hilton Sorrento Palace 8:45 am Second trailer
  • 9:00 am Preview Eagle Pictures film LION  LA STRADA VERSO CASA, direction by Garth Davis with Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel
  • 11:30 am Convention EAGLE PICTURES
  • 12:15 pm Convention UNIVERSAL PICTURES
  • 3:30 pm Convention WARNER BROS
  • 4:30 pm Convention M2 PICTURES
  • 5:10 om Convention ADLER ENTERTAINMENT
  • 5:30 pm Convention GOOD FILMS
  • 6:00 pm Preview 01 Distribution / RAI Cinema del film LA LA LAND, direction by Damien Chazelle with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone
  • Hilton Sorrento Palace
  • Cinema Armida 8:30 pm Anteprima M2 Pictures del film di animazione: ROCK DOG, direction of Ash Brannon, which will be preceded by a performance of Giò Sada, winner of the 2015 X-FACTOR
  • Hilton Sorrento Palace 11:00 pm LA LA LAND PARTY by 01 Distribution / RAI Cinema

Wednesday 30 November

  • 9:30 am Third trailer
  • 9:45 am Preview Lucky Red film TWO IS A FAMILY, direction of Hugo Gélin with Omar Sy, Clémence Poésy
  • 11:40 am Convention 20th CENTURY FOX
  • 12:10 pm Convention BIM DISTRIBUZIONE
  • 12:50 pm Convention KOCH MEDIA
  • Hilton Sorrento Palace 3:45 pm Convention MEDUSA
  • 4:45 pm Convention LUCKY RED
  • Hilton Sorrento Palace 5:30 pm Preview Universal Pictures animation film SING, direction of Garth Jennings
  • Cinema Armida 8:00 pm Award Ceremony Tickets and Golden Keys 2016
  • 9:30 pm Preview Eagle Pictures film IL PERMESSO, direction of Claudio Amendola with Luca Argentero and Claudio Amendola.

Thursday 1 December

  • Hilton Sorrento Palace 9:30 am Fourth trailer
  • 10:15 am Convention VIDEA – CDE
  • 11:00 am Convention I WONDER PICTURES
  • 11:20 am Convention CINEMA
  • 11:40 am Convention WALT DISNEY

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