Hotel with gym Sorrento
Hotel with a gym in Sorrento, how to stay fit on holiday!

What if we try to stay fit even on vacation? It’s not that difficult if you choose an Hotel with a gym in Sorrento and follow our tips to stay fit on vacation.

Organise a trip to Capri from Sorrento

From Sorrento, don’t miss a trip to the island of Capri, a real gem only 30 minutes far.

We are on Grace’s Trips

Thanks Grace for your lovely review about our Hotel Cristina.

Ready to Welcome you!

Paolo, Francesco, Francesca, Colomba, Gennaro, Caterina, Elisabetta, Daniela and all Colonna’s Family are looking forward to seeing you in Sorrento.

Spring in Sorrento
Spring 2017 in Sorrento

Sorrento, a place where the true side of nature is expressed, is perfect for a quick Spring getaway.

Christmas in Sorrento
Christmas in Sorrento

The streets are light up with thousands of lights and Piazza Tasso is a huge Christmas tree, with lights and sound effects!

Cinema Sorrento
Professional Cinema Days 2016

From November 28 to December 1, Sorrento will host the biggest event dedicated to Italian cinema.

Limoncello: Sorrento lemons liqueur

The Limoncello of Sorrento has a story that has roots far back in time.