The Sorrento Tarantella

The tarantella, the typical wild dance from southern Italy, comes from a common denominator from Puglia in the 17th century.

A tour from Sorrento to Pompei
A tour from Sorrento to Pompei

From Sorrento to Pompeii: what to see on the road.

Get to Sorrento
Sorrento: how to get there

So small on the map, so close to the “giant” Naples, Sorrento can be reached by many different means. If you are planning your holiday here, follow our useful advice.

Reggia di Caserta
A trip from Sorrento to Caserta Royal Palace

You can choose to take the trip in a single solution or with some stops along the way. In both cases, it will be an exciting experience.

Sorrento public transport
Sorrento public transport

Visiting Sorrento and its surroundings is easy, comfortable and funny if you know which public means of transport to rely on.

Ride along the Amalfi Coast by scooter

Rent a scooter and go explore the whole Amalfi Coast.

Hotel with a swimming pool in Sorrento
Hotel with swimming pool in Sorrento

Hotel Central and Hotel Cristina offer wonderful swimming pool.

Sorrento myths, mysteries, tales
Myths, mysteries, tales of Sorrento

If you are enjoying your vacation in Sorrento – sun, sea, views, historical beauties – you might like to know something else.

Sant Antonino Sorrento
The Celebrations of St Antonino in Sorrento

The patron saint of Sorrento was born here. This is the reason why, on St Valentine’s Day here in Sorrento they celebrate another saint, Antonino Cacciottolo.

The ancient tradition of the living nativity scene in Sorrento

Have you ever imagine Sorrento in winter time? Have you ever tried to dream of it during the Christmas period?