Autumn in Sorrento

Deciding to go to Sorrento in Autumn means getting ready to live an unforgettable experience.

The summer has been over for a while, and while many Italian cities are having to deal with Autumn temperatures, in the “sunny town” Autumn doesn’t want to arrive.

It is no coincidence that many people choose to spend the weekend in Campania to discover the historical, scenic, cultural and gastronomic beauties of various parthenopean cities, among which, Sorrento stands out.

A city of unmistakable charm not only because of its peak position on a tuffaceous terrace of the Gulf of Naples, but also for its breathtaking views and uncontaminated landscapes characterized by gardens and citrus groves besides the enchanting historical center, a symbol of the architectural tradition of the place represented by tarsia and lace.

For this reason, the city has always been praised by poets and celebrated in numerous songs.

You will discover wonderful places such as the “Vallone dei Mulini” site of great naturalistic interest: about 35,000 years ago it came about as a result of a violent eruption of the Flegrei Fields, a deep opening in the rock that takes its name from the large mill used since the early ‘ 900 to grind the grain.

Strolling along the narrow streets of the center you will be abducted by smells and scents (especially lemons) that will inflate your senses, letting you surrender to the appeal of good food.

Sorrento will continue to amaze you even at sunset when, sitting on a terrace of a bar while sipping a good homemade limoncello, the sky will be colored with hot and soft shades of colour that you will not be able to forget it.

Spending an Autumn weekend in Sorrento means participating in the numerous initiatives that are being carried out, and most of them, are about many typical products, these events are accompanied by various cultural initiatives reviving Autumn in Sorrento, ranging from concerts of classical music to innovative excursions, to original theatrical performances that use nature as a scenery.

To be part of the various initiatives or just to be able to move easily during your stay during Autumn in Sorrento, the best choice is to stay at one of our accommodations.

This way, you will be able to enjoy your stay during Autumn in Sorrento, where you will discover a less holiday-like vibe but definitely a more welcoming and warm one of the city.


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