Ride along the Amalfi Coast by scooter

You have decided to spend your dream vacation in Sorrento and you are right now in the beautiful town under the sun of the South and with a spectacular sea before your eyes.

But it is not enough for you. You want a special experience that remains unique in your memories.

You want the wind on your face and the thrill of the landscape that changes at every turn. The solution? Rent a scooterand go explore the whole Amalfi Coast by this means.

Why go by scooter

Why go by scooter and not by car? Or maybe by a nice powerful motorbike?

The scooter goes slower and, because of this is the best way to explore beautiful places like these.

It forces you to admire the landscape and invites you to stop often, so you can explore this enchantment of villages perched between cliffs and sea.

How not try it?

Discovering the Amalfi Coast: from Sorrento to Amalfi

Starting from your Sorrento hotel, head your moped towards Salerno.

Take the State Street 163 and immerse yourself in the magic of the Amalfi Coast!

First you will meet Positano where you will absolutely have to dedicate at least an hour to the Path of the Gods.

The name already says everything, because this scenic (pedestrian) path leaves you speechless.

In Positano, you will admire the Saracen Tower and the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption.

Another obligatory stop is Praiano.

The village is the real monument, with its alleys, squares, panoramic points overlooking the coast.

Continuing on the SS 163 you will meet Conca dei Marini, the town where the Neapolitan sfogliatella sweet was born and where you can still taste it, maybe while you are planning a walk to the village of Marina di Conca, or to the Emerald Cave.

Finally, you arrive in Amalfi, a crowded and beautiful town, where you will admire the cathedral of St.Andrea, with its charming Moorish style, the baroque convent of St.Antonio, the Cloister of Paradise inside the Diocesan Museum, the Tower of the Ziro where the Queen Giovanna La Pazza was imprisoned, the scenic paths of Valle dei Mulini or Valle delle Ferriere.

From Amalfi to Vietri

The Amalfi Coast can be seen all in one day.

Back on your scooter, go from Amalfi to the sister-towns of Maiori (the longest and most beautiful beach of the coast) and Minori, full of incredible World Heritage churches and archaeological excavations that have brought to light a splendid Roman Villa.

But before reaching them, make a detour and go up to Ravello: the village is full of beautiful religious and noble architecture, many churches and palaces can be admired here, but the real monument is the global view of the coast that can be enjoyed from up here.

As you descend towards Vietri, make a stop to visit the oldest village on the Amalfi Coast, Scala.

The centre of Vietri sul Mare already has a city-like appearance and is less romantic than the others, but offers many beauties – the church of St. Giovanni Battista, the Ceramics factory, the Torre di Marina di Vietri, the Dragonea tower, Madonna dell’Arco Street with the church of the same name – which can not go unnoticed, before returning back to Sorrento.