A hotel with wellness center in Sorrento

What’s better than a vacation in Sorrento? Tens of songs and verses have imaged this peninsula in southern Italy as a paradise, many films showed it to the world as a place of wonder.

And now you will have the chance to fully live and enjoy this place, to relax among all this beauty. You couldn’t ask for more.

Yet “more” exists. Imagine your vacation in Sorrento as a hotel stay with included wellness center.

Beauty and relax

You are in Sorrento and you find yourself surrounded by the sea, lemon trees, coves VIP beaches but also beautiful monuments – medieval and baroque churches, romantic alleys, ancient patios.

Nourishment both for the eyes and mind, that in this magical world, it forgets all negative thoughts and feelings.

It also restores the body, that finds energy swimming, biking, bike riding and discovering ancient excavation sites and neighbouring towns.

But Sorrento is also a highly touristic city and it’s not easy to find a corner all for yourself.

To have relax and beauty you sometimes may have to elbow your way among crowds of visitors, that are always here, even in winter.

So, where can you find some private relaxing time for your loved ones and yourself?

Just like a SPA

The ideal solution is precisely to have a hotel with wellness center included.

As said, this is the “most” you can ask from your heavenly vacation in Sorrento.

When you can’t find the relax you were looking for outside, your hotel will grant you massages, saunas, relaxing baths, spa treatments and much more to give you unforgettable experiences.

A hotel like the Sorrento Central, for example.

Reviews claim that what sets off this hotel compared to other, aside from the “generous” breakfast, it’s the service efficiency provided, the wellness center above all.

Among the benefits you can enjoy at Central: holistic massages and body solarium, manicure and pedicure, tanning treatment.

Seeing Sorrento and its beauties is a privilege, bathing in its crystal clear waters enjoying wonderful beaches is a unique emotion, but doing all this with the certainty that no matter what, your hotel grants you a complete beauty treatment to make your stay even more unforgettable, it’s an occasion impossible to give up.